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50 Years Of Market Trading"



You Can Test Drive the Entire Trade The Spikes Program For

ONLY $497 Up Front.... Then After 45 Days and The

Live First Spike With Bill Trades, YOU Decide

If It's Worth Paying Me The Remaining $1500.

You're Under No Obligation To Pay The Balance.

I'll Let You Decide.

Thursday 5/31/2012


Nice Easy 1.75 Profit Today, That's

$875 Profit with Just 10 contracts traded.


Plenty of contracts for all, over 15,000 traded



Friday 6/01/2012


Awesome Homerun Today For EVERYONE!!

$5000 Profit with 10 Contracts


Over 55,000 Contracts Traded







A $3700 Value, Yours Free

   Live Coaching Session: Everyone that signs-up will receive a coaching session with ME via the internet with NO Sign-up Fees.   Wherever you feel you need help, we'll get it covered.  

A $200 Value


   Do Your First Spike Live With Me:
do your first spike trade Live with Me! Get that first spike under you belt, cash in hand and on to bigger and better profits.  Good for the first 50 sign-ups.

  Expect to make well over $1500 on this day

   Continuation Strategy:
This is my very own secret additional profits play that I have used after the Spike Trade is over to gain an additional solid 2 to 4 points. Good for the first 100 sign-ups.

 I could easily sell this as a separate strategy for $2000


So, if you are one of the first 50 to sign-up you'll get all the bonuses.


I've Helped 1000's Of Traders All Around The World, And I Can Tell You  Right Now, This Is The Most Complete Market Domination System Anywhere... Period.




My Home Office In Hawaii



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I've included a complete review of everything below.  Again, this is all review.  If you need to go through it that's fine, no problem.  But don't take too long and risk losing the bonuses.



From: Bill Barrett



Hello Everybody,


In fact, let's go all out here......how about instant income, instant respect, and the ability to do what you want, whenever you want and from anywhere on the planet YOU choose to be.


Sounds kind-of far fetched.


Yea, it does sound unbelievable until you have witnessed first hand the power of trading spikes.  You've seen the videos, it's just unbelievable.


For the last 28 + years now I've been involved the markets, and this is without a doubt the best opportunity that will come your way in a long time.  



And Yes Another Great Spike In My Last

1st Spike With Me Bonus







Watch The Trade Above




Spike Trade 5/26/11, Just Like I Called It


And yes there are spikes going on right now, as we speak!



This Is NOT Just About A Quick Hit  Market Profit 

Or Pocketing Cash.


Sure, the "instant money" is nice.  But this is also an investment you continue to repeat and repeat.

The real benefit to TTS 1.0 is establishing a solid business -- a base for growth -- that will allow you to build long-term stability and real wealth. And gaining the momentum to make that happen FAST.

That's probably the most exciting part of  TTS 1.0. And it's built-in to every module and process I'm going to teach you.



Stacking Your Spikes.....


And this is a very nice part of TTS 1.0.  By stacking your spike's your profits will continue to get bigger and bigger. One goal with each spike should be setting up the next spike. 

You continue to build your account size, from spike to spike. I know all this sounds sort of crazy. Maybe even complicated. But it's actually really simple. And it works like you wouldn't believe.

Use TTS 1.0 strategies, follow the modules and your spike profits will keep getting bigger.

It's a TTS 1.0 World

Just in case you've been living under a rock, the Futures, Forex, and markets other than the stock market are HUGE and getting BIGGER every day.


Low margins, high leverage and astronomical profits.

And TTS 1.0 is the system to take you  deep into the profit zones.


Here's How TTS 1.0 Is Different From
Anything Else You've Ever Seen...

One of the big reasons why is that TTS 1.0 really is a FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. It walks you step-by-step through the process in precise detail. 


It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to your very first spike and every spike after.

No stone is left unturned... and the results speak for themselves.



Ed Was So Positive On Trading Spikes That He Bought Two Of The Original Trade The Spike Systems, One For Himself And A 2nd Trade The Spikes System 

For His Son.......







Hello Bill.  This is Ed  

from  New Jersey


This is a picture of my wife Kathy and I when we were visiting Maui.  As you know I was so impressed with your Spike Trading Program I even bought one for my son!!










Good morning Bill.  This is

  Ed Jr. from Ohio


I would like to thank you for the opportunity to make our future better with Trade The Spikes.

Ed Jr.







Hi Bill.  My name is Ric and 

I'm from Ohio


As promised, a very clear, well presented, achievable strategy for the small individual trader.  Making a fortune.

I thank you.
Regards ric








Hello everyone!  My name is Berta and I reside in Orlando, Florida.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Bill Barrett for a number of years. He was the one who took me from paper trading into the real live market and I have not looked back since.  If you are seeking a mentor with the ability to assist you in learning the market, trading the market and walking
away with cash, then I invite you to purchase the Trade the Spikes program.
Much prosperity!



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And These Spikes You Could 

Have Pocketed 10,000's of Dollars.


This Year, Last Year, Or Even Next Year It Really Does Not Matter ........


Spike On Monday 11/02/2009











5 Modules



Going through the "TTS 1.0 Modules will give you 110% of the knowledge to become a professional spike trader. It's all the training you'll need to make you a true Spike Trading Expert 

Every day for 5 days (starting asap), you will take part in detailed, action-oriented videos, screenshots and text training sessions. I'll will walk you through all the phases of the "TTS 1.0 System" from the "how-to" stuff to the actual implementation of these strategies.

These sessions are all recorded so you can participate in them when you want and however often you want. This way, you can truly move at your own pace. There's no such thing as "falling behind" with this program, because you'll never lose access to the training materials and you can refer back to them again and again..




Beginner to Advanced

Note:  Some of you more experienced guys, or traders that already have accounts may be able to skip a module.  But remember, there are others starting from scratch, and like I said I'm covering all the bases.


That just means you'll be trading spikes faster then anyone else. 


For your newer guys, no problem.  You'll see detailed screenshots to follow precisely along. You'll follow me step by step as I walk you thru every process. 


Here's what we will be covering in each module:






 Module 1:  The Broker Account.

Where to set-up your account.

What paperwork to fill out, what sections to include and what sections to omit.

How and when to fund your account.

What Platform to choose.

Record Keeping




 Module 2:  Setting Up The Charts

Where to get the charts and what data feeds you need for different trading instruments.

How to set up the charts, and configure your monitor set-up.

What time frames to use and what combination of time frames to view.

Benefits of different chart types such as candle or bar.

How to configure the chart.



 Module 3:  Trading Window Formatting and Tips.

Proper setup of the trading window.

Using the trading window for automation.

How  to control and eliminate slippage.

Features you may consider.

Handling Multiple Orders



 Module 4:  The Strategy

When and how to time the entry setup.

When and how to exit the position.

What congestion tool to use.

Stop Strategy Implementation.



 Module 5:  The Spike

When will the spike occur.

What potential will the spike have.

Which trading instrument to use on my next spike.

Number 1 time of the day and week for spikes.

Finding your own secret spike



 Module 6:  Bonus Module

Coaching Session

Your First Spike With Me (first 50 people to sign-up)

Continuation Trade (first 150 people to sign-up)






I can only think of three reasons why anyone would really want a guarantee from me, or from anyone for that matter.  You're  unsure if what you are buying is real or not.  If what you are buying works or not.  If what you are buying is for you or not.


Guys, you've seen the videos, you've seen the charts.  Heck some of you have emailed me and said you already use that exact platform I showed.


So,  I can guarantee you this.  Everyone one of those spikes happened.  Every spike whether in a video or chart or PDF or whatever, occurred.  Everyone one of those spikes produced profits.  And if making profits is not for you, then that's it.


I've sold stock trading Strategies to 1000's of people world wide, and I have never provided a money back guarantee and I do not provide one here.  You see this is not clothing, or some electronic equipment.


This is my Propriety Trading System.  And once you go thru the modules you'll also have that Propriety Knowledge.  You cannot give it back to me, it's your knowledge forever..  You can use it and profit from it for the rest of your life, period. So it's simple, there is no return policy.


Now check this out.....






Look, you see those spike opportunities that I showed you above.  If you had traded each spike and then rolled your profits into the next spike, and then the next spike, and so on.  When you were done with just those spikes, this is the amount of money you would have generated for yourself.


Go ahead figure it out , but don't take too long.


And then, 500 per contract divided into $59,000 means you can trade 100+ contracts.


And then you know what....yea the world is yours!


Notice in the below example you started with $2000.  Remember it takes $2500 minimum to open your account, so we left $500 back as risk capital on your first spike. After that, your risk capital is someone else's money you've captured from your very first spike. 


YES........now that's a game plan!






As your aware of I've given this a lot of thought.... What kind of price tag can I put on you going from $2000 dollars to $59,000  in a very short time.  


Heck, what is that worth to you?


What is it worth doing your very first spike with me or having me pick out the very best spike each month?  


With everything in mind I've decided you'll need to invest $1997 to reserve your spot in TTS 1.0 (on this special test drive TTS 1.0 you are ONLY obligated to pay 497 up front and then its your decision to pay the balance of 1500.).  This covers my time in putting all this together for you.




Bonuses Added To TTS 1.0


A $3700 Value, Yours Free





Coaching Session!!

Everyone that signs-up will receive a one on one coaching session with ME via an internet phone hook-up (of-course NO toll charges). Wherever you feel you need help, we'll get it covered.  We'll schedule that session at a time that is convenient for both of us. A $200 Value



Do Your Very First Spike Together With Me!!

Do your very first spike together. Get that first spike under you belt, cash in hand, and on you’re way to bigger and better profits. Expect to make well over $1500 on this day



My Continuation Strategy!!

You get my unbelievable "Continuation Strategy". This is my very own secret play that you can use after the Spike Trade is over to add nice additional profits to your bank account.  I could easily sell this as a separate strategy for $2000







Just Get Involved, Start Trading Spikes Now!





Much Success,

Bill Barrett

P.S. Just so you know, some people think I have some sort-of magical "Market Trading Powers", but that's the furthest thing from the truth as it's NOT about me. It's about the Trade The Spikes System-- that's the real magical Market Trading Power.


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